Nuts and bolts

Nuts and Bolts for every need, with no compromise on quality

Mavifast makes nuts and bolts for every industrial application, giving our costumers products of superior quality, thanks to an accurate choosing of raw materials (of Italian origin), innovative technology and latest equipment. Our staff also makes the difference, with long term experience in this field.

We are proud of our flexibility, we can apply different post production treatments on the nuts, and we work with different partners to OFFER a broad range of customization.
On request we can make special nuts and bolts from given specifications.

Every item produced is checked, to guarantee that it is flawless and conforming to the costumer's request.




  • Cutting

    raw material is cut according to the given specifications

  • Heating to 1100°C/1200°C and pressing

    the item is heated to the correct temperature and pressed with the desired form. The logo is also applied alongside with batch number and class.
  • Treatment

    according to necessary further work, the item goes to the next treatment, in-house or to one of our partners (Aqua-Quench, tempering furnace) 
  • Sanding

    the impurity derived from production is removed and the item is ready to be finished
  • Quality check

    the item is subject to:
    - dimensional check
    - visive check
    - hardness check
    - magnetic check
  • Threading

    the item is threaded according to specifications
  • Additional treatments

    On request we can treat the item produced with:
    - electrically applied white or yellow zinc coating
    - burnishing 
    - zinc coating in furnace 
    - dacromet
    - brightening (for inox steel)

Click here to Download the PRODUCTION PROGRAM

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